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Thursday, 22 June 2017


Minxy Woodsheart celebrated her Birthday at Zorro's Tavern tonight.  I was late getting over there, but everyone was having a fantastic time.  Happy Birthday Minxy, I hope you had a brilliant day!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 19 June 2017

The White Sandy Beaches And Warm Sunshine At The HangOut Party

We are having a bit of a heatwave in the UK at the moment, those real life beaches have been packed with people making the most of the sun.  The warm weather puts a whole new complexion on how people feel, it lifts them and makes them happy. Well we do need lifting don't we, I guess most people are fed up with the constantly depressing news and the terrible things that seem to be happening almost daily in our lives.  That's why Second Life can be place to forget all our woes and have a bit of fun as we get together on line and enjoy each other's company.  Summer is definitely here in SL too, HangOut owner and dj Janis Short put on a wonderful Beach Party tonight and she supplied a brilliant set of those California dreaming songs that visualise those deep azure blue skies, sparkling oceans and golden beaches. Another lovely party at the HangOut, thanks Janis!

Janey Bracken

Under the Sea at the Club Underground

It was a fishy affair at the Club Underground tonight, the Club was sparkling with mermaids, mermen, deep sea divers, pirates and shoals of colourful fishes swimming about.  It was a fabulous party with the theme of 'Under the sea', so it was lots of fun.  Dj Bliss did us proud with a wonderful set of ocean related tunes and she looked stunning dressed as a  mermaid sitting on her giant seahorse.  These SL parties are so pretty, the Club looked gorgeous and everyone looked fabulous; It was a great evening! There is a new dj appearing at the Club Underground on Wednesday, be sure to go over and welcome DJ Tyger.

Janey Bracken